Disgruntled Striper Blowing Bubbles

ABOUT: With over 1200 miles of waterways, The Delta is an anglerís paradise with striped bass being the prized catch. Paul Wilms landed our biggest striper ever, a massive 42 Ĺ lb. fish back in November of 2003. Most fish average between five and ten pounds with stripers over twenty pounds considered trophies. Most of the time I fish out of a 21 foot Jet Craft River Boat equipped with a 140 horsepower outboard engine but I also have a 17 foot Koffler Center Console Boat outfitted with a 115 horsepower outboard jet engine to access remote, shallow water areas.

"Stripers can be targeted 12 months a year
with the best fishing generally occurring
from August through May"

EQUIPMENT: For equipment, I prefer to use eight, nine, and ten weight saltwater rods that are nine feet in length. I generally use three types of lines while targeting stripers. For getting down deep, I recommend a Tungsten or leadcore shooting head or an integrated fast sinking line with a sink rate between 6 to 12 inches a second. For fishing just below the surface, I use integrated intermediate lines that sink between one and two inches a second. For casting poppers and top water flies, I use floating lines with heavy front tapers. Fly reels should have a minimum of 100 yards of backing. I use leader material in the 20 to 25 lb. class with the overall length of leader ranging between five and eight feet.

ATTIRE: Dressing for a day on the Delta varies with the season. During summer and early fall, tropical clothing is the best form of defense to combat the heat, but a lightweight jacket or vest can come in handy when the cool west winds come up. When the rains and cold weather arrive, dressing in layers will keep you warm and comfortable. I recommend starting with a base layer that will wick and breathe, and keep you dry. Follow that up with a wind proof jacket and pants, and then top it off with an outer shell that will keep you dry on those wet days. Waterproof shoes are also a great addition as are fingerless gloves and a head beanie. A small waterproof bag is great accessory to store extra gear. Also, donít forget your sunglasses.

MEET: Most of the time we depart from Tower Park Marina, located off Highway 12, five miles west of Interstate 5 near Lodi, California. Once in Tower Park, head to the Bean Shed, the first shed past the boat ramp and trailer parking. The meeting time is generally 8 am. but that can change during certain parts of the year. The meeting location can sometimes change to Wimpyís Marina, which is reached by taking Interstate 5 to the Walnut Grove exit and then heading west three miles.

TIME: Full day trips usually last nine (9) hours.

2016 Guide Rates
Full Day Trip: $550
Includes Equipment, Flies & Lunch


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