Guiding upwards of 270 days a year I need functional,
reliable, equipment for my clients to use.

I am proud to be sponsored by the following companies.

After many productive and successful years of using Scott Fly Rods, I decided to make the change to LOOMIS FLY RODS. The main reason for the change, I have the opportunity to work directly with the world’s best fly caster. Steve Rajeff has won numerous casting championships, but he also builds the best fly rod in the world, and he has been a “fishing idol” of mine since the 1980’s. I am excited to be a part of such a winning team and with the best fly rod warranty in the industry; I know my clients will enjoy fishing them.

My favorite Loomis Rod for Delta striper fishing is the 9-foot, GLX Cross Current in a 9 weight. For trout fishing on the Lower Sacramento River I recommend the GLX 9 ˝ foot Stream Dance in a 6 weight for nymph fishing and on the Stanislaus and Mokelumne Rivers my favorite all around rod is Max GLX in a 9 foot, 5 weight.



Simply put, SIMMS makes the best clothing and gear for the fly angler. I guide in a variety of weather conditions, from 115-degree sweltering heat to bone chilling wind blown rain, and no matter what Mother Nature might dish out at me, I know I will be able to perform my job in total comfort.

My favorite tropical clothing items are the Ultra Light Shirt, the Blue Water Shirt, and the Super Light pants and shorts. For colder conditions, I choose to layer up with the River Tek zip top, followed by the Wind Stopper DL vest, then for extra comfort, I top it off with the Wind Stopper Hoody jacket. During rainy conditions, I can always count on the Gore Tex Paclite jacket and pant to keep me dry. The Simms Dry Creek large Boat Bag accompanies me everyday, protecting my gear and clothing from a variety of elements.


I use the best rods, reels, and fly lines in the industry but without a quality leader material, they are useless and ineffective. SEAGUAR is my number one choice of leader material that I want connecting me to fly and fish. It is invincible and invisible, and it provides my anglers and I with the ultimate knot strength.

For striper fishing, I prefer to use the Seaguar Premier in 20 and 25 lb. test. When fishing rivers for trout and steelhead I use Seaguar Grand Max in 5x, 4x, and 3x.


When a big fish is hooked up, I know that an ABEL reel will not let me down. In fact, if you purchased an Abel reel back in the early 1990’s you would still own one of the best fly reels ever manufactured. From 100 lb. plus tarpon to line screaming steelhead, to bulldog striped bass, this is my reel of choice.

For Delta stripers I recommend the Super 9 Large Arbor reel, while my favorite trout reel is the Super 5N. When chasing Florida Keys tarpon I prefer the Super 11. The Fish Graphic Finishes probably won’t help you catch more fish but they sure are pretty to look at during those slow days on the water.


I have used countless polarized sunglasses over my twenty-year guiding career and OAKLEY is my brand of choice. No other fishing sunglasses offer such a high level of performance and comfort. I spend nine to ten hours a day staring at the water and at the end of each day my eyes and more importantly, my head, still feels refreshed.

My personal recommendations are the Ice Pick, the Straight Jacket, and the Hijinx in standard bronze or VR-28.

A tangle free fly line can often mean the difference between a good day of fishing and a very difficult day on the water. AIR FLO FLY LINES consistently provide my clients and I with reliability and functionality.

I use only one type of shooting line in my striper fishing and that line is the polyfuse XT Ridge Intermediate Running Line. I also recommend the Forty Plus Cold Saltwater Distance Line with a sink rate of 7 inches-per-second. The Tactical Trout Ridge floating line is one of my favorite all-purpose freshwater lines.




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